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Japheth Dillman began making games over 25 years ago, taking collegiate courses in programming at the tender age of 10 in order to learn to program his own games.
The grown-up version of Japheth is equal parts Mentor, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Evangelist.

The Japheth of today, a white paper author and infamous conference speaker, has found success in mobile, social, and VR/AR games. He co-founded the YetiZen Accelerator as Chief Creative Officer to help other startups with their product vision, growth hacking, and design. He also mentors a select group of startups that excite him. Japheth consults with established tech companies and investment firms helping them find traction and growth in today's fast paced markets.

Known for designing the very first Augmented Reality game on mobile, Japheth since founded CLEVR, a social network built natively for VR/AR and provides a layer of discovery of new content. Finally, he is the VP of Content at Play Table, one of the hottest Mixed Reality devices on the market.

More About Japheth

Total Nerd

Ask him about his D&D Characters. I dare you.

Food Lover

Not only does he enjoy dining out, but Japheth is known to be quite a chef at home.

World Traveller

Though San Francisco is his heart and home, he loves to explore the world.


Japheth's experience in technology, gaming, business, and startups has given him a broad and deep understanding of what makes businesses work.


Make your app contagious with specific techniques.


Learn cost effective hyper growth techniques for maximized user acquisition impact.

App Store Optimization

Navigate the ins and outs of rankings to get your app to the top.

Business Development

Elevate your business utilizing Japheth's extensive partner network for accelerated growth.

Funding & Pitching

Learn to speak the language of investors, ensuring a successful fund raise.


Discover and apply bankable methods to pad your pocket.


I Am Here For You

Japheth is keen on making an impact.


Japheth has worked tirelessly with numerous startups helping them establish strong product, gaining traction, finding revenue, getting funded, achieving accelerated growth, and strong strategic partnerships. Through YetiZen dozens of startups found monumental acceleration and beyond that he has forged numerous companies into shining stars. He aligns himself with the vision of the founding team and institutes very clear goals for success.


Japheth is a notorious conference speakers, specifically helping companies navigate their growth strategy. He educates the community on the formulas used on the backend of the appstores, how to optimize your appstore listing for improved ranking and organic growth, and how to successfully run user acquisition budgets for effective campaigns. Through advisory work he has helped grow products into the hundreds of millions of installs.


Finding the right level of funding for your startup can be an incredible challenge. Japheth helps companies with their pitches, crafting their capital raising strategy, and introducing startups to investors. Whether it is seed, angel, Venture Capital, or strategic investors, Japheth has brought millions to companies for accelerate growth capital. He is also keen on helping companies negotiate terms that favor the founders and young teams for long term growth.


Designing games for over 25 years, on almost every platform under the sun, has given Japheth a unique breadth of knowledge on product market fit. The titles he has worked on have reached hundreds of millions of users. His design chops started on PC, migrated to console, web, mobile and he more recently designed the very first Augmented Reality game ever released. His creative approach to design features has put him in high demand, including numerous gamification projects.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."
"Every really new idea looks crazy at first."
"Action is the foundational key to all success."

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